10 sources of litter

  1. Pedestrians dropping garbage in streets and roadways.
  2. Motorists discarding garbage out of their vehicle windows.
  3. Uncovered loads. Items that are not secure can easily be blown out of trucks and cause roadside littering.
  4. Household refuse disposal and collection. Animal scavengers and the wind can dislodge unsecured items placed out on the corner for collections. Litter can also result from overloading trash containers.
  5. Commercial refuse and disposal. Poorly secured commercial refuse can easily become litter.
  6. Construction projects. Litter can come from uncontrolled building waste and workers’ lunchtime refuse.
  7. People at leisure
  8. Entertainment events. Events create a large amount of litter, which can overflow onto neighboring areas when measures to cont it are not carefully planned.
  9. Illegal dumping.
  10. Intentional or habitual littering, for reasons such as laziness or acts of rebellions.
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