Reasons of littering

1. Presence of litter in an area

Research has proven a correlation between the presence of litter in a given area and the intentional throwing of litter at that particular spot. The research points out that when someone sees litter already accumulated somewhere, it gives the impression it’s the right place to discard items and in most cases, it’s either accidental or intentional.

2. Laziness and carelessness

Laziness and carelessness has bred a culture of habitual littering. Typically, people have become too lazy and unwilling to throw away trash appropriately. It is common to see people discard trash out of their kitchen windows or balconies probably because they are too lazy to put it in the rightful places. Carelessness has also made people just throw rubbish anywhere without even thinking about it.

3. Lack of rubbish bins

Many passengers, pedestrians and people living in urban areas have blamed rampant littering on the lack of public trash cans. Some places have them but they are not enough and some of the existing ones are sometimes poorly managed which leads to overload of the containers. Animal scavengers and blowing wind can dislodge the items and scatter them around.

4. Reliance on cleaners

Many people, especially Singaporeans, due to the presense of cleaners at every food outlet and hawker center, tend to litter at these places due to the belief that these cleaners will clean up after them, leading to more litter thrown at these places.

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