Litter affects wildlife

An estimated 1.4 billion pounds of litter winds up in the oceans each year.

Most of the litter that is thrown into the ocean sinks, which harms the large quantity of wildlife living there. Birds, fish and other ocean-dwelling animals are often unable to distinguish between trash and food. As a result, 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year after becoming entangled in or ingesting litter.

Here's a video to show the extent of litter affecting the ocean:

Littering indirectly causes air pollution

Burning the trash removes the garbage from the land while contributing to air pollution.

Some 40% of the world’s waste may be dealt with in this puts pollutants like carbon dioxide, mercury and acid into the atmosphere. These chemicals damage the environment and can cause a lot of different respiratory diseases.

Here is a video explaining that:

Killer Litter

Save your car, save your wallet. Those convicted of killer litter, can face imprisonment or a fine, or both. received fines can rang from S$700 to S$5,600

Don't throw stuff from high levels.Throw litter like tissue paper and cigarette butts out of your flat's window and you may be caught on camera.

Some 2800 cases of high-rise littering were reported to the NEA last year. While no one was killed by the litter in 2015, two people were arrested for the harm they caused with their actions.