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Give a talk at YOUR school

Give a presentation at your school during assembly to inform your fellow schoolmates about the discrimination that foreign workers face.

How: Ask your form teacher if you can give a presentation to the school. He or she will refer you to the teacher-in-charge, who will then give you a time slot during assembly.

What to include in the presentation: If you are creating your own presentation, you may include stories of discrimination against foreign workers, news articles, or even statistics. Alternatively, you can download a pre-made presentation here: Pre-made presentation for schools

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Share our Facebook, Google+, and Youtube posts on social media

You can share our Facebook, Google+, and Youtube posts on your various social media pages! This will let every single one of your followers learn about foreign workers, getting the word out incredibly quickly.

How: Simply click 'share' on one of our Facebook, Google+, or Youtube posts! Remember to follow us so that you can always read and share the latest news from us with all your followers. It's fast and easy, and really helps the cause!

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Paste posters up in your workplace or school!

Put up posters in your workplace or school to spread awareness among your coworkers and schoolmates!

How: Gain permission to put up posters and put them up all over the place! Download our posters below.

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