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Our History

July 21,1964


Amid rising communal tensions following the Malaysian general election in May that year, a procession celebrating Prophet Muhammad's birthday was disrupted by clashes between Chinese and Malays. The procession was attended by an estimated 20,000 Muslims. The procession began at the Padang and was to end at Lorong 12 in Geylang. However, a series of clashes broke out between Malays in the procession and Chinese bystanders in the vicinity of Kallang Road and the then Kampong Soo Poo.

through July,1964


As more people heard about the news of the initial clashes, communal violence began to spread across the island. The authorities imposed night curfews island-wide and set up goodwill committees of community leaders to calm the situation. But clashes continued through July and finally calmed down in early August. But the calm did not last long.

Sept 2,1964


On September 2, 1964, the mysterious killing of a 57-year-old Malay trishaw rider opposite the Changi market at Geylang Serai led to Malays in the area to take retaliatory action against the Chinese. By 4 September, the rioting had become widespread and an islandwide curfew was imposed from 2 pm by the police with military assistance. The curfew was finally lifted on 11 September at 4 pm with the military standing down the following day and the police following suit on 14 September.

Our Beginning

The Orange Ribbon Run (ORR) which is also known as Race against Racism is OnePeople.sg’s signature event to call the community to make a stand against racism and promote understanding, appreciation and trust among Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious society. Being the only Singapore's Run against Racism. The Orange Ribbon Run provides an excellent avenue for the silent majority to speak up and show support for the cause.

The Inter-Racial Confidence Circles (IRCC) were formed by the former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong after the 9/11 attacks which happened in the United States and the arrest in December 2001 of 15 Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore. The IRCCs were officially renamed as “Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles” on 7 Sep 2007. However, their goals remain the same which is to unite people despite their differences in race or religion.

Camp Ignite! is an annual programme of OnePeople.sg which is organised and run by our own Youth Advocates. Our youth participants are groom to be advocates of racial harmony in their own right and influence their peers around them. They learn about the different cultures, traditions and heritage in Singapore. Our youths are able to experience on various cultural games and food as well as the right and wrong during the visits to cultural and religious places where they deepen their awareness about other cultures.