Why should you not discriminate

Foreign Workers have it just as tough as Singaporeans,

Let's be open minded

About us

At Heart is a website that wants to educate Singaporeans how

foreign workers go about in their lives when they mirgate to

Singapore and what they face when they move into this new foreign land.


This video shows us how migrant workers react when mean comments written by Singaporeans are read out to them. Foreign Workers are trying to adapt to the new environment and cultures, we should help them instead of criticizing them for being different.


The graph shows the amount Foreign Workers earn and the amount they have to pay as levy. Not much is earned as there are other factors to consider such as having to buy thier daily and essential needs, sending money back to their families back so they can survive. Foreign workers work hard to earn what they can to be able to support themselves and their families.

Stories About Foreign Workers

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